The Blessing/Benefits of Mothers to the Family.

Weekly Digest - Sun, 12 May, 2019

As I was contemplating to write this weekly column having specifically prayed for the leading of the Holy Spirit, there came Friday 7:00 am NBC headline News from New York. One of the headline News was the announcement that the 33 year old Prince Harry missed his mom, Princess Diana who passed several years ago through a tragic motor accident. Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle just had their first newly born baby boy earlier in the week. That Prince Harry wished his deceased mother were around to witness his own son coming into the world says a lot about the significance and benefit of motherhood. I would assume that everyone of us could identify with Harry’s emotional wish! Mothers are very precious and wonderfully valuable to everyone that it’s hard not to appreciate them deep inside our soul. No matter the circumstance, even when the child finds himself or herself in self-made trouble, most mothers, perhaps every one of them would still be there for the child. Not too long ago, I was talking with a mother whose adult child was on drug and promiscuous and discarded by the father. She told me that she has sought all available help for her including her own personal admonition and reprimand, but the child still remains. Asked what she would do having seemingly explored nearly all options, she told me she is still praying and trusting the Lord God for divine intervention in the adult child’s life. What a love of a mother!

Another scenario that I see again and again is the unconditional devoted love of mothers for their husbands and fathers of their children. In marital counseling, the woman (mother) usually is more readily forgiving and accommodating, even when abused emotionally, physically or otherwise than if it were the man on the receiving end. Men tend to get away and accepted back when they cheat and commit marital affairs, but such men usually are unbending if and when it’s their wives! What a double standard in our human culture! And even biblically like the woman caught in adultery in John 8. All the male accusers who brought her to Jesus wanted her stoned to death according to the Law of Moses. “Now what do you say?” they asked Jesus.  While not justifying the woman’s sin, Jesus might have been thinking, does it take only a woman to commit adultery since the man was not brought along! Jesus said to them, “Let anyone of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her” (John 8:7)

                Mothers are dutiful and multi-tasking taking good care of everyone in the family joyfully and committedly without complaining. They are patient and understanding, strong and humble, empathetic and compassionate, respectful, diligent, supportive and loving and sacrificial. And yet, they are beautifully and wonderfully created by God. While mothers are not perfect like us fathers and children, without them in our homes and lives, life would definitely be boring and we (fathers and children) would not be able to accomplish as much as we do. Truly, by the side of every successful man or adult child is a mother for whom we really praise God. Happy Mother’s Day!          Dr. Jonson Omoni