Who Is Our Neighbor?

Weekly Digest - Wed, 13 Mar, 2019

Today here at our church, we are bringing to our awareness our Faith Initiative Ministry called “Ideal Family Outreach, Inc.” This non-profit organization caters and ministers to the needs of individuals, family units and other non-profit organizations in our immediate community and around the world as the Holy Spirit directs our Board of Directors for God’s glory. Perhaps, the most simple way to explain the role and functions of the IFO, Inc. is to relate it to what we individual believers are expected to be doing outside there in our world in some practically ways of impacting our community outside of our own needs in the name of Christ. We as a body of believers and children of God are to continually minister to the needs of humanity collaborating with other bodies doing similar things, making the world a better place to live. This is like our church going outside her physical walls to directly and lovingly impact God’s humanity.

                In the Gospel of Luke at chapter 10, Jesus told a parable of the Good Samaritan that describes who truly one’s neighbor is in the mind of God. One day, someone considered an expert in the Jewish law came to Jesus to ask a very vital question that pertains to how one could inherit external life. Jesus asked him back, “What is written in the law? How do you read and interpret it? The man answered correctly by saying, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and love your neighbor as yourself” (Luke 10:27). Jesus affirmed the correctness of his answer and asked him to go and do exactly that. Wanting to justify himself and probably not quite understanding Jesus’ mind about the scope of the definition of a neighbor he asked Jesus pointedly “And who is my neighbor? Jesus used the parable, a theoretical illustration of a man attacked by robbers brutally beating and wounded leaving him to die. Two very religious people, a Priest/Pastor and a Levite passed by the dying man and looked the other way. It’s the third person, a layman who really stopped by and rendered medical attention for the man. Thus, Jesus concluded that whoever is in need that we willingly can help in the name of Christ is our neighbor. That’s what true love is. We all individually and as a congregation are challenged to daily find our neighbor and show Christ’ love wherever and whoever.                                                                                                 – Dr. Johnson Omoni