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[Published: 2007-10-21 17:19:15]
Flora is a devout Christian girl living in a Muslim country. She loves the Lord more than anyone I know but is now engaged to a man who is not only an unbeliever but apparently hostile to the gospel. He will not go to church, admits having committed adultery in the past, has a rotten temper, gets mad when she talks about the Lord, and now he is forbidding her from going to Bible college, talking to her Christian friends (especially me), or starting a ministry which she wants to do. She has even caught him writing love letters to other women although he claims it was innocent. She says that she cannot break the engagement without his consent (a cultural taboo) though she has tried at least EIGHT times in five months! Sometimes she claims to love him but at other times says her life would be "hell" with him. It is effecting her spiritual life. He is a control freak, a liar, and will not let her go, nor will he let her work in ministry. She is one of only two women I have ever loved so please pray that she is liberated from this man, that God will help her break permanently free and serve the Lord in ministry as she wants, and pray for me as well.

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